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Robin Collier
Taos, NM USA

We are an international nonprofit organized to research natural dyes and pigments, share information and educate the public about the history of this rich tradition and the use of these natural materials.
Detail: Churro tapestry by Johanna Terrazas naturally dyed by Lupe Valdez in Los Ojos, New Mexico USA

We are organized to help address the great need for international cooperation in sharing information on natural dyes. We support and promote regional and international natural dye events organized by others.

After a year of work on other media projects, we are now updating our web pages with new information about the upcoming events, exhibits, workshops, supply sources and natural dye organizations.

We invite you submit information about the events and resources in your area of the world. Since we are an all volunteer organization we depend on your contributions to expand the resources offered on this website.

When incorporated in January 2004, one of our goals was to help plan a natural dye conference. Since that event did not take place, we have now evolved into an information sharing organization. We ask all involved in natural dyes to provide us with this information to share.

Visit our Natural Dye Events page for information on upcoming natural dye and textile conferences & lectures. Visit our resource pages for natural dye and textile exhibits, workshops, organizations and sources of natural dye supplies and information. Please submit your suggestions to expand these pages.

Thelesperma gracile - Cota - Navajo Tea growing in Santa Fé, New Mexico USA

We welcome your input, and your membership!

Contact us at 800-665-9786 or by email