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Wool Traditions

Bringing the sheep home in the fall
Manzanares flock - Robin Collier photo

Feed end of scouring train

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Boiler, which feeds 4 large hot water storage tanks
through a heat exchanger

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Fiber Scouring Train Has Been Sold

This is a 4 bowl Sargents small scale wool washing plant with all required associated related equipment including fiber scale, fiber picker, wool drying racks, compressor, 3 phase converter, propane boiler, heat exchanger, hot water storage tanks, final water heaters, packing bags, detergents and all associated electrical, plumbing, spare parts and supplies, lanolin settling tanks & pumps, centrifuges, drying racks, and assortment of scouring supplies.

This train was built by Sargents in the 1950’s as a demonstration and teaching machine for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was operated in Alamosa, CO for a number of years, and then in Los Ojos, NM. It has been has been sold to a company in Maine.

It can process about 60 to 120 lbs per hours depending on fiber, water temperatures and operator's skills. It lacks a mechanized feeder, which would improve speed and reduce labor costs. Purchase would include basic instruction in assembly & operation.

Contact Robin Collier at
1-800-ONLY SUN or email for more information.

1. Squeeze roller pressure controls 2. First wash bowl with rakes 3. Lanolin settling & extraction tanks designed by Sandia National Labs

View at end of Scouring Train

Last wash bowl showing conveyor out of Squeeze Roller

For information & to support our efforts, email
Executive Director, Robin Collier, HC78 Box 10731, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557

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