I take no credit for the accomplishments of these talents, but I am proud to have provided a place of employment for them outside of Hollywood. Most of them, I think, have fond memories of working in a three-story house in Mill Valley — or before that, a drafty old barn in the center of Stinson Beach, California.

Terrance Malik, Inspired to become a filmmaker by THE CRAZY QUILT
David Fincher, director. SE7EN, FIGHT CLUB (hired at nineteen)
Jon Else, documentary cameraman, director, THE DAY AFTER TRINITY
Henry Selick, animator, director, NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS
David Webb Peoples, screenwriter, THE UNFORGIVEN, HERO, BLADE-RUNNER
Harley Jessup, production designer, JAMES & GIANT PEACH, MONSTERS, INC.
Whitney Green, producer, production executive, A CHRISTMAS WITHOUT SNOW
Hiro Narita, cinematographer, NEVER CRY WOLF, FAREWELL TO MANZANAR
Gary Gutierrez, animator, GRATEFUL DEAD movie
Paul Chihara, composer, FAREWELL TO MANZANAR
Aggie Guerard Rodgers, costume designer, BENNY & JOON, BUCKAROO BANZAI
Bill Couturie, director, DEAR AMERICA & LAST LETTERS HOME 
David McMillan, sound mixer, FOREVER, THE RIGHT STUFF (hired at twenty) 
Laurel Ladevich, writer-director, FLY GIRLS, sound editor at Lucasfilm
Ren Klyce, sound designer, SE7EN, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH
Carl Willat, free-lance animator, director (hired at age fourteen)
Peter Crosman, visual effects supervisor, THE HORSE WHISPERER
Drew Takahashi, founder of Colossal Pictures, developer of Blendo
Martha Olsen, producer, TAKEN FOR A RIDE
George Evelyn, animator, director, THE HIGGLYTOWN HEROES
Kai Pindal, animator emeritus, PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD
David Schickele, filmmaker, BUSHMAN
Peter Schickele, composer, P.D.Q. BACH
Gabor Csupo, animator, RUGRATS
Marcia Lucas, editor, AMERICAN GRAFFITI