John Korty


A Documentary: Imogen Cunningham, Photographer
A 23 minute DVD with 40 minutes of bonus features

cademy-Award-winning filmmaker John Korty crafted this loving portrait of Imogen Cunningham when she was eighty-six, still going strong. From her San Francisco home to the parks and gardens of the city, her essence is captured both as a photographer and as a woman ahead of her time. Equally comfortable in darkroom or kitchen, producing works of art or entertaining friends, Imogen was a delight to all who knew her - charming, salty and unapologetically honest.
	 Imogen’s early influences in Seattle, plus her family life with etcher Roy Partridge are revealed, as well as her later independence. As a founding member of Group F64, she struggled along with Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock and many others to build the recognition of photography as an art form worthy of new respect.
	The full range of her work is represented here - plant forms, portraits, landscapes, nudes and street photography. More than most others of her era, she explored a wide diversity of subject matter, refusing to be limited or pidgeon-holed.
	Here is a fresh introduction to a classic photographer which will be a valuable addition to the collections of schools, museums, photo clubs and lovers of fine photography.Imogen Cunningham, Photographer, a Film Portrait by John Korty